How You Should Become A Musician As A Guitarist

Guitar is and has been the most favorite musical instrument around the world for many years now. It has gained popularity not only in the west but other parts of the world as well.

In general, it is easier to play than a violin and much less expensive than a basic drum kit, and this also makes it a very common instrument for musicians to pick.

However, if you are also thinking of starting your music career as a guitarist, you need to understand a few things in order to start on the right foot and become a great singer and musician.

First, many people pick up guitars in the hopes of becoming great guitarists soon. That’s the first mistake most people make before picking up any instrument.

Music has no boundaries and neither do musical instruments. When you start playing an instrument you can keep getting better for life and still learn a new technique every day.

If you want to be a great guitarist you will have to wait for the time when you can literally make people turn their heads with your guitar playing skills. Such skills will not come by that easily though.

Many people would quit playing guitar after a few weeks because of the boring practice sessions. However, if you want to be a guitarist and a singer, you have to go through this boredom. The starting practices are no doubt quite boring.

Furthermore, the beginning can be quite hurting for the tips of your fingers as they slide on the thin steel strings of the guitar and have to open wide for reaching out different notes on the fretboard.

Sing and PlayThe biggest secret to playing any instrument well is to practice regularly and to practice only the proper techniques.

With guitar you will first have to learn how to hold the guitar and the pick, and how you have to move your hand on the fret board and the one holding the pick.

You will also have to decide what type of guitar playing you would want to do. Some people focus more on rhythm and others go for solos and leads.

The thing that makes most new singers wonder is how singers are able to sing and play the guitar simultaneously. There is no rocket science or difficult physics involved in this. All you have to do is practice the rhythm of the song many times to play it while singing.

One crucial aspect of playing guitar that singers have to keep in mind is distraction. Your mind has to focus on two different things at the same time when you play guitar and sing.

While you will definitely get better at singing while playing with practice, it does not take away the fact that your singing is affected a little when doing so.

When reaching high notes at the edge of your range, you will have to focus more on singing than on playing the instrument. Make sure to develop a balance between your singing and playing to sound your best.