The benefits of noise cancelling headphones

headphoneImagine you are trying to watch a movie on a long flight and there is a screaming child sitting next to you.

No matter how loud you turn the volume up, you still can´t hear what Batman is saying to the Joker.

Or how about if you are on the train commuting to work and you are listening to your boss on a conference call, but there are some rather over-zealous buskers performing at the end of your carriage.

Understandably, you can imagine the frustration that arises as a result of having to put up with permanent background noise when you are trying to listen and concentrate.

The good news is, thanks to noise cancelling headphones, there is no longer a need to retreat to a quiet space to listen to your favorite tune.

Here are some of the additional benefits you can expect when you use noise cancelling headphones.

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Increased Concentration

Many people find themselves able to concentrate better when they are not distracted by the sound of whatever is happening outside.

Noise cancelling headphones are especially great for studying, as you can put on your favorite piece of classical music and then focus on what you need to absorb.

Better for your hearing

You can still enjoy a rich musical listening experience, without having to turn the volume up full blast.

This is turn is much kinder to your ears, as continuously listening to music at high volumes can be harmful to your hearing.

As you are able to hear better whilst using noise cancelling headphones, you can also rest assured that you will speak normally during a phone call, rather than shouting down the phone much to the dismay of the people sitting next to you.

This video gives a great insight into how noise cancelling headphones actually work!

Great for travel

Anyone who is used to a busy train commute into work or taking long flights for business will be extremely grateful for noise cancelling headphones.

They give you the opportunity to retreat into your own internal sanctuary, completely switched off from the commotion happening around you.

This is especially beneficial when you know that getting a good night’s sleep is important before you land at your destination and head into a board meeting.

Great for sleeping

Following on from the above point, noise-cancelling headphones can actually help you to sleep better.

You can either choose to listen to meditation music, specifically composed to induce relaxation and sleep, or you can simply put them on and enjoy the silence of absolutely nothing!

Many people often struggle to fall asleep if they are suddenly staying in the city, but are used to sleeping in the peace and quiet of the countryside every night, so there is no longer a need to be concerned about not being able to sleep if you forget to bring your earplugs with you!