Learn How to Sing in Seven Simple Steps

If you cannot afford to pay for singing lessons, you can search the internet for software that you can use to learn how to sing better.

You can use this software to grasp the art of singing in less than five months. However, there are a few things you need to understand before you begin to use such software.

Here are tips you can use to teach yourself how to sing. If you are a beginner, you can gain more insight from

Sing along your favorite artist

As an aspiring singer, you should have a professional artist who serves as your role model. You should begin by singing along with him or her.

However, professional artists may use skills that are tough for beginners. You can follow them keenly to grasp the idea of what good singing entails.


Whether you are learning using singing software or under the guidance of a tutor, you cannot avoid the idea of proper breathing.

Proper breathing dictates why it is advisable to stand upright while performing. Such a posture allows maximum intake of air into your lungs.

This position supports excellent singing in all situations. If you don’t breathe well while singing, you can run out of breath and come to an abrupt halt in the middle of performance.

You can find proper breathing exercises online and in magazines. You need to understand this to avoid bad performance.

Protect your Vocal chords

You can never teach yourself how to sing unless you learn to protect your vocal chords.

Have you ever asked yourself why most singers keep off from ice creams, cold water, and juices? Such fluids can cause your throat to dry which can affect your vocal chords resulting in a poor performance.

You should also avoid shouting loudly and maintain a proper diet and exercises. Avoid anesthetics because they will damage your voice.

In case you have a sore throat, you should avoid whispering because it causes more damage to your throat than shouting.

Abdominal Muscles

Apart from the lungs, abdominal muscles play a vital role during a performance.

They exhale the air you require to complete sentences. You have to note that you need strength for you to learn how to sing.

You need to understand how abdominal muscles coordinate for you to sing well.

Record your voice while singing

It’s good to record your voice while singing for you to grasp the art of singing. It’s advisable to analyze your voice continuously for you to record your progress.

Recording your song ensures that you stay on the pitch. It’s important to listen to yourself and correct your mistakes accordingly.


You cannot learn the art of singing unless you practice on a daily basis. Combining singing software with daily practice will make you a good singer.

There are so many singers who crash on stage because of lacking practice. Remember practice makes perfect and you need a lot of dedication and commitment in singing.

Warm-up Exercises

Finally, you need to pay close attention to warm-up exercises. You can practice for about thirty minutes before the main performance.

Warm up exercises make you a better singer. Some of these activities include humming beginning with oooohs and ahhhhhs.

They help you to tone up your vocal chords as you prepare for the major performance.


You cannot become a good singer unless you understand the steps you need to follow.

Following these seven steps can perfect your art of singing. Follow each of them and you will learn new tricks within five months.