A Review of the Lynec M6 Quod Core XBMC Android TV Box

Streaming media from a NAS or online is more accessible and easy with the invention of Android TV boxes. However, it is not very easy to choose the right Android box for your home.

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Apart from having an excellent quality, the Android should also be compatible with a broad range of devices. Lynec M6 is among the Android TV boxes that possess these features.

Here are some of the attributes that you need to understand before making a purchase decision.

Product Features

The dimensions of this box measure five by 1.2 by 5 inches and weigh 9.1 ounces. According to user reviews, the Lynec M6 Android TV box has the most compact and robust build.

The device has 1 GB of RAM and an ARM-Cortex Quad Core CPU that pairs with a Mali 450 Quod Core GPU capable as the primary source of power.

Currently, it runs Android 4.4.2 with the Lynec OTA updates and the required technical support in case you have any problems with the application.

You may scoff about the 8 GB internal storage space, but this should not worry you because you can use the SD card slot and USB port to increase the space for installing media and applications.

The package also comes with an HDMI cable that you can use to connect to the HDTV and a remote control for easy navigation through the XBMC interface.

You can watch a review of the Lynec M6 Quod Core Android TV box from this video:


XBMC already has an optimization for the Lynec M6 software and is loaded with the relevant add-ons hence there is no need for you to temper with the settings.

The optimization of this Android box XBMC assures you of content streaming stability and a higher flexibility of its features in comparison with the Vanilla XBMC.

Unlike the Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, or Roku TV set-top TV box, you can stream your content (television shows and movies) by making use of the Lynec M6 free of charge.

The Mali-450 3D GPU and quad-core CPU makes sure that you don’t have any issues as you stream your media whether it is in HP (1080p) or not.

The Android TV box is neither the most expensive nor cheapest in the market place. Given the features that come with this brand, it should cost about two to three times its current market price.

The truth of the matter is that the current pricing of the box is fair. You can go through some of the online reviews from customers who have been using this Android TV box to stream media to their HDTVs.

You will discover that most of them have an excellent experience with the product.


One of the things that can make the M6 a better brand would be including a keyboard and mouse in the package. The remote control system is good enough but enhancing it with a keyboard and mouse would be better.