Four Piano Teaching Tips for Children

piano-kidsTeaching piano to children can increase your happiness especially when the pupils embrace it as a profession when they become adults. It is quite challenging to teach kids, especially when dealing with slow learners.

There is a lot of information on children and gadgets on this link. Some young ones are very easy to learn while others tend to be resentful because their parents force them to take piano lessons.

The truth of the matter is that some of the learners may not take these keyboard skills to the next level.

I have come across some children who take the initiative of teaching themselves piano lessons. Such self-drive comes with a lot of gratification to the music instructor.

There are some techniques you can use to make children love piano lessons. Teaching adults may be a bit easier because they have an inner desire to learn the art of playing the piano.

Here are some of the tips you can use to teach children how to play the piano.

Take Pedagogy Certification

Getting certification as a piano teacher is a plus for anyone who plans to teach piano as a career.

There are several teaching methods you learn while training as a piano teacher that enhances the efficiency of the piano lessons, especially when dealing with children.

Most parents prefer to enroll their children with professional piano instructors and not a hobbyist. Therefore, you should be fully certified if you wish to gain trust from parents.

Another advantage of possessing pedagogy certification is that you can charge higher rates in comparison to non-certified trainers.

Get to Know Your Students

There are two main reasons that bring children to your music lessons. Some are forced by their parents while other would genuinely want to learn to play piano.

You need to find out why these children are in your piano class in the first place. You have to adjust your style of teaching depending on why the kids are in that class.

Make sure you understand whether the kids are attending the class willingly or they are being forced to attend.

Teaching Technique

If the children have a deep desire to learn how to play the piano, you can extend the classes a bit and introduce them to more complex concepts. Willing learners also tend to practice at home and learn the art with a lot of ease.

If you are having a student who is in the class by force, you need to shorten your lessons and teach him less complicated content. You may also encourage the child until he develops some interest in learning the piano.

Try and make these lessons bearable and fun and allow them to choose the best music they would like to learn.

Teaching Tools

You can find a broad range of music books from different genres if you will be teaching piano lessons to kids. Most kids will be receptive to your lessons if you teach them in line with the genre they enjoy.

Therefore, if a reluctant student prefers to learn classic, just grant him that chance. However, you can choose Mozart pieces because they have a playful sound and are appealing to kids.

Finally, you can organize for recitals for the young learners.