Common Mistakes Piano Players Make at the Beginning

You will agree with me that we all make mistakes. Being aware of a mistake is good because you can prevent it from happening. As a piano player, you cannot ignore the aspect of singing and music.

I keep on referring to singing tips because they assist me to enhance my piano playing skills. You can visit this link to have a look at the site I constantly visit for more information about singing and music.

However, I want us to spare some time and look at the common mistakes piano players make at the beginning.

Not Purchasing the Right Piano

Some beginning artists buy cheap pianos and expect them to produce a great sound. The piano may probably produce the wrong sound and the keyboard keys may not feel the right weight.

The primary reason why pianos are costly is that they are complicated musical instruments.

A typical piano should have 88 keys and each of them has to play the right set tone. Some of the cheap pianos have less keys that are accompanied by poor sound quality.

However, this does not imply that you go for very expensive music instruments. I discourage you from buying anything that costs less than 200 dollars.

Any piano that costs above $1000 is the best choice. Quality comes at an added cost if you have to buy a piano.

Not sitting in the Right Posture

There is an optimal position for anyone who is playing piano. You should not hunch over or arch your back to play the piano. It will take you several hours of daily practice to learn to play the piano.

You can seriously stuff the back if you sit down in the wrong position for more than one hour continuously.

It’s advisable to sit upright as you learn to play the piano as you don’t want to develop a bad back. You need to sit at the piano as you sit at a desk in front of a computer.

Make sure your arms rest level to the ground and you need to have a lot of comfort.

Also, make sure your fingers are not straight but curved. Imagine you are holding an egg in your palm while playing the piano.

This gives your fingers a nice curve and you play every key with a lot of control.

Employ a Traditional Private Teacher to Learn to Play the Piano

Most people prefer to learn how to play piano online. You can find several piano classes that come at a lower price in comparison to private instructors.

It can cost you over 1000 dollars for a year of private piano tutoring. However, online piano classes may cost you a once of fee of less than 100 dollars.

All you need is the flexibility of when and where you practice. Having accessibility to the computer can allow you to learn the art of playing piano from anywhere.

There is no stress when it comes to learning the skill and you can use the shortest time possible to become a professional. You can also learn more mistakes of learning piano from this link: